Nestlé buying Jenny Craig

NestleBig When I was a young lad helping my dad in a small country store my dad once asked me who I thought was the largest food company in the world. This would have been around the mid-1960s. The answer was Nestlé, which is pronounced as nest-lay.

I remember this only because I was in the vicinity a number of times after that when my dad asked other people this same question.

Before keying up this posting I Googled largest food company and the Wikipedia entry for Nestlé came up at the top of the search list.


So it seems my dad, may he Rest in Peace, would still be correct some 45 years later if he asked someone that same question.

But the point of this post is that in yesterday’s West Australian newspaper it said that Nestlé (remember to pronounce that as nest-lay) were buying out the Jenny Craig Weight Loss business. And just so you don’t think I am making it up I Googled “jenny craig” +nestle and found a number articles about it including this one in the Sydney Morning Herald and this one on ABC News.

That’s it really … It just amused me somehow that the world largest food company was buying the Jenny Craig Weight Loss business.