Reality—Just Too Darn Hard to Play

Spotted today on Goodshit.

A lot of people will have already seen this ‘poster’ around somewhere on the net. It has been around for a few years with varying tags lines.


I have seen it with the tags:

  • “Just too friggin hard to play”
  • “Don’t buy it. It sucks.”
  • “All the maps are crap”.
  • “Lousy screen rendering. Looks fake.”
  • “The controls are shit.”

And I am sure there are many more I have not seen.

“Maps”, for those that don’t play computer/console games, are the worlds or parts of the game world that the game is played in.

There is a poster I have seen with a better picture where the ‘player’ is looking out of an apartment window about 20 stories up across a cityscape and the shot is taken from more behind him, and he is using an ultra-modern joystick as the game controller; but I could not find it doing a quick Google search.