ARIS: I-Heart-Chaos

PosiIt I do a *lot* of Web surfing. Way too much to be healthy really.

Just doing a quick calculation on a Post-It (really, see the proof at right, stuck on the cover of a Ralph magazine—which just happens to be the last ever Ralph magazine to be published actually) I figure I probably spend something like 50+ hours per week bouncing around the Web looking at various ‘stuff’. Plus I work for 8 hours a day at my paying job. I guess that adds up to a very boring and unhealthy life; and I have no arguments against that.

Each day I usually start with aggregator sites like Digg, Reddit, and the DailyRotation. Then I generally move to news and technology sites like The HuffingtonPost, Bloombergs (for the nitty-gritty financial stuff),, TheWest, the New York Times, Engadget, Gizmodo, and SlashDot (News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters).  Also I will always visit my two main photography sites DPReview and the Luminous-Landscape.

But postings on any one of these sites can lead me off anywhere, and then that first jump can lead me somewhere else, and so on. I often come across interesting stuff, and if it is interesting enough I will sometimes take the time to craft up a posting for my site and post it.

Some of the new sites I discover are worthy of bookmarking and going back to so what I have decided to do is start ‘featuring’ some of these sites I find. I thought I would call these sites “Abalook Recommended Interesting Sites” or ARIS for short. ARIS also sounds like a cool acronym (and it is a ‘real’ acronym in that it makes a pronounceable word, unlike ACCC, IBM, CIA, or FBI which are not acronyms).

The first ARIS site to be featured is called “I Heart Chaos”. Use Ctrl+Click on the image below to open the site in a new Tab.




IHeartChaos (IHC) contains lots of diverse stuff. Too much for me to cover in this post. The sections of IHC are: PICS, VIDEOS, NSFW, MOVIES, VIDEO GAMES, MUSIC, INTERNETS, TV, TECH, SCIENCE, JAPANWTF (with a sample from this section shown at left), COMICS, and PHOTOSHOPPERY.





The picture at right is a quick sample taken from the PICS section, to give you some idea of the type of pictures in this section.

The following picture is a still capture from a video in the TECH section at IHC showing a small part of a marble run that some dad built for his son.








The marble run goes right around the son’s room and is never ending—in that it is a closed loop. Note that the link assigned to the above picture takes you to the direct source of the article, which is not actually on the IHC site. To see the marble run posting at IHC go to Page 4 under the TECH section (the page number will increase as more items are posted by IHC into their TECH section).

Well, that’s my introduction to I-Heart-Chaos. I will just point out that IHC does contain some NSFW (Not Suitable for Work) stuff but you won’t hit any of this from the IHC front page. Any of the NSFW stuff requires you to open a secondary link before it is displayed.