Total Number of Visitors = 375

According to the statistics provided by SquareSpace, where I host my site, I have had a total of 375 unique visitors to my site since I started it. I started it on the 20th August 2009. By my calculations that makes it 493 days that I have had the site up.

So that works out to around 0.8 of a new visitor every day, or 5.3 new visitors per week.

The problem is that they don’t seem to come back! Otherwise I would have a lot more than about six to eight regular unique visitors per day.

We ask ourselves … why is it so?

Is the content boring?

Are the posts too long (although I work hard to make many of the posts short, but some do get a little bit long)?

Is it my writing style?

Is it because I don’t have a Facebook account and don’t promote it within Facebook?

Maybe it’s the ‘look’ of the site. After all nobody knows better than me that presentation is everything “Presentation First, Content Second”. It is even stated on my masthead. Maybe I have to learn HTML5 with Ajax and hand-code my site to give it more sizzle?

I try not be be a YALB (Yet Another Linking Blog) that just posts in links to something else (usually someone else's pictures). And where I do link it is a link that is relevant to the post.

Also comments are hard to come by. Not a single comment posted in the last nine posts. Then there is one comment posted for the article “Reality—Just Too Darn Hard to Play”, then  only one more comment in the next six postings.

The few comments I have had come across as positive. Without going back and checking them all I can’t recall a negative comment.

So why the Sam Hill is it that so many people don’t come back after that first visit?

It is a puzzlement.