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I apologise for two serial photography posts—the one before being about single-shot HDR pictures.

LisaSidebarLisaThis post is about the blog site of Lisa Bettany. I only know about Lisa because she is occasionally on TWiT with Leo Laporte.

Lisa’s blog site is called Mostly Lisa and it is here.

According to her site Lisa was previously a model, actress, competitive figure skater, and musician. She has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in Linguistics. But these days Lisa is working as a photographer and a designer of iPad/iPhone applications (apps).

It seems Lisa is heavily into the bokeh effect in photography. The bokeh effect is/are those highlight circles that appear in photographs, mostly in those regions of the picture that are out of focus (out of the depth of field), caused by reflected light.

Lisa does day-to-day posts at her site as well as tutorial style posts like “5 Ways to Fall in Love with Photography Again” (here), “How to Shoot Textures Outdoors” (here), and ‘Turning Blah into Beautiful” (here).

Lisa’s site provides a link to Lisa’s Flickr photostream (here). Following are a couple of sample pictures from Lisa’s Flickr photostream and I hope she does not mind me posting these here without permission (reduced in size, slightly sharpened to cater for the loss of sharpening resulting from being downsized, and marked with her name).



[[Use Ctrl+Click on either of the above pictures to open Lisa’s Flickr photostream in a new Tab]]