Exploding Mobile Phones

I knew there was some concern about mobile phones being dangerous, but that was from the electromagnetic radiation they emit when transmitting. Who would have thought that the glass on them might explode!

This article on news.com (here) talks about a two day old Motorola Droid ‘exploding’ while in use and causing the user’s ear to be severely cut and start bleeding profusely. He had to be attended to by emergency services.

The news.com article also talks about an Indian man being killed when his Nokia phone exploded near his face.


But my big concern about mobile phones is still the danger from radiation when they transmit, which is basically when you make a call or are talking on them. I have this horrible feeling that mobile phones are going to be the next ‘cigarettes’. By this I mean that it will come out in another 10 years or so that they do cause biological damage despite phone manufacturers telling us for the previous 30 years that there is (was) no evidence to suggest that using a mobile phone next to your head was a health issue. But by then millions of people will have developed health issues caused by long-time mobile phone usage. Basically we are talking about tumours in the general area of the side of the face.

Along these lines it is interesting that RIM Blackberry have recently reminded purchaser’s of their phones that, buried away in the user manual it does state, the phone should be held at least 2.5 cm away from the side of the head when in use.