Alright! Who’s Hammering My Site?

In case you thought I wouldn’t notice, I have. There were 335 views of my site in the 24 hours from midday yesterday to midday today (Monday, 6th Dec in Australia) causing a serious once-of peak in views—as can be seen from the following graph from SquareSpace.


335 views but only 16 unique visitors! So someone has been doing a lot of viewing. Too much viewing to be ‘normal’. That would be an average of 20 posts viewed by each of the 16 unique visitors, which in itself would be somewhat unusual. A visitor would typically just check out the last three or four recent posts. Not 20 posts!

In fact it is more likely one person has been causing the flood of views and as there only 225 posts in total that would mean this person has gone to some posts multiple times—also unlikely (as there are only a handful of posts featuring cute babes, which would make it reasonable to check them out more than once).

So. What is happening? This is the question. It can’t be the bots because SquareSpace reporting does not include bot visits in the Views count.

Very suspicious …

Crap. I hope the Wikileaks people are not trawling my site for government secrets!