Top 20 Movies of 2010 (Brainz)

Top20Movies According to the Brainz:Learn Something site (here) these were the Top 20 movies of 2010. Click on the list to open the actual page with the list at Brainz—not that there is much there apart from the list [don’t forget to use Ctrl+Click if you want to open the page in a new Tab].

As 2010 comes to a close there a bound to be any number of “Best Movies of 2010” lists coming out.

I have seen only two of these movies: Toy Story 3 and How To Train Your Dragon.

Toy Story 3 was good but for my money I liked How To Train Your Dragon more.

Anyone I know who has watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo tells me it is good. I do plan to see it one day, but you can’t hurry these things. Also the fact that it is subtitled sort of puts me off a bit.