Hand Drawn, On a Computer

This is a really short post, but I was just amazed at these hand drawn pictures.

Believe it or not, the following image was hand drawn on a computer.

To fit my blog column size this image has been cropped and downsized. Assuming you are using IE7 or higher, or FireFox, Do Ctrl+Click on the image then select "Full View" from the options on the left hand side to open the full image on the site where it is published by the artist.

Another hand drawn example . . . Ctrl+Click on image and then select 1024 x 768 just under the image to see the full image on the site where it is published in full size.

I have been in computing since the days of PC-DOS, and not too many people reading this will even know what that means it was so long ago. I have also been seriously into photography since I was about 12. You can check into this in some of my previous posts on the subject.

I know my way around, and have spent thousands of hours working with vector image editors such as, Corel Draw (love this product) and Illustrator. I have put even more hours into photo-editing and image enhancing using Corel Paint, ACDSee, PaintShop Pro (now a Corel product), and the various editions of PhotoShop.

But even with combined computer savvy, image editing skills of my own, and a solid background in photography, these hand drawn computer pictures amaze me. Look how perfect the girl's face is in the second image. Awesome.

If you would like to see more then the Smashing Apps site [use Ctrl+Click to open the link in another Tab] has pulled together a collection of 45 of these amazing images from various locations across the Web.

Antway . . . I thought it was worth a post . . .