Searching for the Game Controller Bikini Top

Reader cdk_101 posted a comment to my article titled "Stimulating Ergonomic Game Controller" saying that he had seen a bikini version of the tea shirt featured in that article. This inspired me to try and find a picture of this.

After trying every search variation I could think of on Bing, Google, and AltaVista, and spending about two hours looking around (on and off), the best I could come up with is the following.

While it is a nice picture I don't think it is what cdk_101 was talking about.

If cdk_101 reads this and you have a picture of the bikini top you commented about then I am happy to post it here. Just post another comment to this article and leave your e-mail addy, and I will e-mail you with mine so you can send me the picture—or not.