Working on New Site Banner: 4th Attempt

Okay. This time I changed a little more than just the site banner. But to get the site banner out of the way first, it has been changed to the following.

But then in addition to the banner I have sort of changed the overall colour scheme; to shades of purple. At least I think it's purple. That's what I was going for anyway.

Yes. I know. I was supposed to be working towards an orange do over. But the more I worked on the orange theme the less I liked it, and then my friend Mike said he was not a huge fan of the growing orange theme. That sort of snapped the band for me.

So I looked up the Web for colour schemes comprising purples and have spent the last few hours making the changes you see here.

In the interests of brevity I won't waffle on any more about it . . . here it is as it stands at this point in time; but I am sure more changes are to come.