2,942 Diggs: How Do They Do It?

How the Sam Hill did this post on Digg get 2,942 Diggs in 19 hours when my amazing, highly informative, well researched, and beautifully crafted posts battle to get up to 3 Diggs--and one of those is mine when I put the post on Digg.

[Use Ctrl+Click on the above image to go to the amazing page that accrued these 2,942 Diggs]

So. Help me please. What am I doing wrong? Why don't Diggers Digg my posts?

Is there some inner-circle Digg trick I don't know about? Is there some kind of Digg Web-bot that I don't have that will rachet the count up for me?

And it has 195 comments.

Maybe the set of people that check out my posts don't have Digg accounts? (Thinks ... maybe I should do a post on how to set up a Digg account and use it)

I wanna know . . .

Please post a comment if you have some idea of where I am going wrong.

 P.S. If you have no idea what Digg is you can find it here (www.digg.com). Basically it is one of a number of sites on the Web that lists popular links--so you too can go and see what people are looking at today (or last week, or last month, etc.,).