50 is the Target for Feb

As you can see from the traffic table at left the highest number of unique visitors to my site in any one day is 29 (trust me, the numbers for August, September, October, November, December of 2009 and January of 2010 are worse than this).

This visitor peak ocurred on February the 12th (USA time); with a lot of repeat visits as well.

It is hard to tell what people were looking at on my site but this peak in interest most likely coincides with my tee-shirt and bikini game controller posts—which were posted on the 10th and the 12th of Feb [use Ctrl+Click to open links in a new Tab].

My tee-shirt game controller post got the highest ever number of comments: 6.

I can understand this being the case, especially when you take into account the graph I plagiarised from Maxim.com showing that the Number One attention getting and interesting subject for men is boobs.

But 29 unique visitors is pretty pathetic when you consider that there are supposed to be 1.7 billion (1,733,933,741 as at 30th Sept 2009) people with Internet access in the world (according to http://www.internetworldstats.com).

In Oceania alone, which is the geographic collection where Australia is located, there are 21 million people with Internet access.

´╗┐It seems that, averaged out, at any give point in time there are 187 million people "surfing the Web".

Surely, given numbers like these, I can get more than 29 unique visitors?

So my quest for February is to get 50 unique visitors to open a link on my site in the one day.

Just taking into account web surfers from Oceania, by my math, this means all I need is 0.0000023% of these people to hit a link into my site. How hard can this be?

I figure that if I can't manage to get just 50 unique visitors on at least one day in what remains of February then I may as well give up blogging. As much fun as it is to blog about stuff the fun sort of falls away if nobody is sharing it.