Women's Magazines: More Useful Articles

I came across this when searching for something (almost) totally unrelated.

On this site, which is called www.coolmaterial.com [Ctrl+Click to open in a new Tab], they cover cool stuff of general interest to guys.

Really neat things like paint splattered tee-shirts; so you don't have to go through all the hard work and sweat of getting them paint splattered by actually painting a room or something somewhere. Extremely handy.

Or things like the latest Gerber multi-funtion folding pocket tookit featuring pliers and a tool for opening blister packs. You know the ones I mean. Those really tough welded blister packs made of armour-class moulded plastic that most things come in now that—if you are not careful when opening—you can slice open your hand and bleed out just trying to open.




Anyway, to more or less get back on track, at the Cool Material site they have a recent posting showing a number of well known women's magazine covers where they have modified the covers slightly to include more relevant and useful article teasers. Use Ctrl+Click on the picture of Scarlett Johansson to go to the Cool Material site posting where these magazine covers are.

For those not familiar with the term 'article teaser' these are the little hints on the cover page of magazines giving a potential purchaser some hints about what is contained within the magazine.

I wonder if anyone can work out what I was Bing searching for when I came across this site? Maybe I should offer a prize for the first person who gets it correct in a comment post.