50 Unique Visitors in Feb: Looking Unlikely

Well, as you can see by the latest traffic table, the chances of me getting a day in February where I get 50 unique visitors to my site is looking pretty unlikely.

Since my peak number of 29 unique visitors on the 12th of Feb I have not managed to get anywhere near my quest.

It is a trifle sad, that with 187 million people surfing the Web at any given point in time, I cannot get 50 of them to trip over my site in one 24 hour period. Short of offering AUD$100 to the first 50 visitors to click on my site I am not sure what to do.

I could try what another site I went to suggested. That is put up a posting with all the "hot" search words and phrases in it. Things like "Olympics", "sex", "Louise slaughter" (beats me but she is in the top list on Google), "boobs", "babes", "twilight", "vampires", "super bowl", "britney spears" (yep, she is still up there), "lingerie", "youtube", "girls", "high heels", and stuff like that.

By doing this you get visitor hits from Web surfers that are sometimes referred to as "accidental drive-by clickers". The idea is that then, having found your site, a small percentage of these accidental clickers—who clicked on a search result site that is nothing to do with what they were searching for—might turn into fans.

Worth thinking about anyway.