Bored Kitties Chase Anything

I thought I saw a puddy tat ... a creeping up on me.

Bored Kitties . . .


will chase . . .


anything the looks like fun to chase!

 I did ... I saw a puddy tat as plain as he can be.

Love the "look" on the bird's face as it wonders "wtf!!".

At the risk of introducing a bit more grain and speckling here is "that look" enlarged about 30 percent.

Does that look say "wtf? You gotta be kidding me!"? Or maybe he is saying "work wings, work" as he desperately tries to achieve lift off.


The cats even look bored too. Half asleep even. Maybe it is just a rehearsal for some documentary and this is the 100th time they have had to repeat this scene trying to get it right? Just a thought.

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