Unsafe Faulty STOP Signs in Kalamunda Village

I live in the hills up on the Darling Scarp to the east of Perth in Western Australia; in a locality us locals like to refer to as Kalamunda Village. I think I can refer to myself now as a "local" as I have been here the required 15 years.

It is a great place to live really. Even though city folk tend to think we are hours from anywhere we can get into the city centre in about 35 minutes in off-peak traffic and about 45 minutes in peak traffic. Not really a high price to pay in order to live in the leafy relaxed comfort of the "hills". Well some people seem to think it is "leafy" and "relaxed", but I am not the relaxing or relaxed type so I have always found it a little stressful—but on reflection, in relative terms, I guess it is more relaxing than other places I have lived.

But anyway, I have noticed that we do seem to have a problem up here with our STOP signs. They appear to be faulty. Don't work. Buggered.

While all the STOP signs in and around Kalamunda seem to be less than fully functional there is one that I have noticed that is completely useless. It almost never works. It is shown in the following picture.

 I took this picture on Saturday morning, the 27th Feb, at about 7:30 a.m. Even in the time it took me to park in the nearby carpark and then position myself in order to take a reasonably useful picture I noticed that not one of the nine cars that came to this STOP sign even looked liked like stopping.

The darn thing is brocken for sure.

I understand from some of the older folk around Kalamunda, that I have mentioned this to, that it used to work way back when it first went up. Back then people seem to recall that cars, trucks, motor-bikes, and all kinds of miscellaneous vehicular traffic would stop at this STOP sign. But there is general agreement that in the last five to ten years the STOP in this stop sign has gradually stopped working—to the point where almost no vehicles STOP now unless there is a better than 70:30 (70 for, 30 against) chance of a collision with a car on the through road; because they don't have a STOP sign.

I hope they fix this soon. After all "Safety is the number One priority".