Unable to Hit 30 Unique Visitors

Well . . . I had a target to try and achieve 50 unique visitors to my site in February, and then I extended that target into the first week in March. But as you can see by the following graph, where the number of unique non-bot visitors to my site is shown by the green bars, I have not even managed to get to get close 30. How pathetic is that?


It would seem that, out of the 187,000,000 people that are supposed to be surfing the Web at any given point in time (okay, admittedly a huge percentage of them are in China and South Korea—which has the highest Web consumption ratio per capita of any country in the world) not many of them want to drive-by my little Web site.

Maybe I could post a Korean language version, although I understand the vast bulk of the Korean Web-surfers have a useful understanding of English. I guess they would need to in order to maintain their position as the number one Web surfers on the planet—as something like 90 percent of Web pages are English.

Oh well . . . .