Mobile Phone Radiation Levels: Popular Top 12

The following table lists the Top 12 popular mobile phones in order of the amount of radiation they emit when transmitting (when you are talking).


The testing and rankings were done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Basically they checked the main phone review sites, made up a list of the current popular phones, and rated them.

Note that some of these phones have different names in Australia. For example the Motorola Droid is called the Motorola Milestone here.

I have an LG Arena. It is not on the list of 27 popular phones rated (or the full 1,000 database of phones). I guess this means it is not a popular phone. This makes sense because when I was looking for a phone my criteria were probably not the same as most Gen-X and Gen-Y phone buyers.

My number one requirement was battery life and the number two requirement was good grey zone reception. Thirdly I wanted a QWERTY keypad. Apart from possibly the QWERTY keypad none of these are likely to even be in the list of the criteria that a Gen-X or Gen-Y phone purchaser would be looking for.

I am a bit surprised that neither the Nokia N97 (or N97 Mini) are listed. I would have thought that this was a popular phone, but it is possible the size (bulk) and price of this phone knocks it of the ‘popular’ shopping list for most people.

For anyone interested, out of the 27 popular phones rated, the phone with the lowest radiation emissions was the Samsung Memoir with 0.60 W/kg.

Report Abstract:  An abstract of the report from the EWG can be found here [Ctrl+Click to open link in a new Tab].

1000+ Phone Database:  The EWG’s complete 1,000+ phone database can be found here. This link may well be worth bookmarking as this database is updated by the EWG as they test new phones. You might want to refer to it when you are next in the market for a mobile phone . . . or not ?

Best and Worst:  The EWG have put together a table of the “Best and Worst” phones based on radiation levels. This table can be found here.

Use a Headset to Reduce Exposure:  The EWG recommends using a headset with your mobile phone in order to reduce your exposure to radiation. They provide a list of headsets here.

Safety Tips:  And finally, eight safety tips on using your phone by reducing your exposure to radiation.