Doncha Hate Those Disrespectful "Follow-your-eyes Everywhere" Tits?

My son had a few of his mates around today. One of them was wearing this tee-shirt.


I just had to get a picture and post it.

Every man on the planet has encountered this problem many many times. Cleavage that just won’t let up. No matter where you look it seems to be directly in the way of where you were intending to look. Highly annoying. Very distracting. Makes it really hard to maintain a conversation or focus on making a point. Some men have been known to totally miss most of what is going on because of boobies that keep getting in the way. No matter where you turn your head there they are. They seem to be aiming right back at you from any and every angle. And they seem to be able to do it without actually moving.

Seeing this tee-shirt brought back to mind some of those fake “Motivational Poster” style pictures that used to go around years ago. They were everywhere. So I tried to find some of them. I could not find the actual one I was thinking of with the driving instructor staring at the young woman’s cleavage and telling her “Safety First. We both need to keep our eyes on the road at all times”.

However during my searching I did stumble across the following pictures and, having found them, thought I would share them.

Even in war - boobs





In looking for these “posters” I came across a site called Motifake. It is kind of interesting and humorous. I will do a post about it shortly.