De-motivational Posters

I came across the website when I was Google searching for ‘posters’ to put into my previous post about boobs (you know, the type that just won’t stop staring at men).

The following ‘poster’ is from the site.


To open the Motifake home site in a new tab just Ctrl+Click on the spoiled (spoilt) brat poster above (Shift+Click for people using the Opera browser).

I am not sure if American’s use the word “spoilt” or not, but this poster should really be called “Spoilt Brat” because the past tense of being spoiled is spoilt—but, these days, who cares about using the right words anyway?

At the Motifiake site they have made up all kinds of what they refer to as “De-motivational Posters”. Following is a small selection of some of the ones that I found humorous.

Note that these pictures may take a little longer to load as they are feeding directly from the Motifake site (rather than straight from my site library).

Ctrl+Click on any of the following pictures to go to that picture on the site.