Completely Useless Fact: 134 milliseconds

If it were possible to shine a light beam around the Earth at the equator it would take that light beam 134 milliseconds (i.e., 134/1000ths of a second) to travel around the earth.

Based on the average distance of the moon from Earth it takes a light beam from earth 1.26 seconds to reach the moon. There is a wee animated GIF image on Wikipedia that illustrates this [use Ctrl+Click to open this in a new Tab].

And light from the Sun takes a whopping 8 minutes to reach us here on Earth. So when there is a flash of light on the Sun it is 8 minutes before we actually see that flash happen from here on Earth. On the upside, if someone or something were to turn the Sun off we would still have full sunlight for 8 minutes after it was turned off.