Been a Busy Week

Nope. It’s not a technical issue with SquareSpace (who I use for this blog). I really did not post anything last week. Sorry to my six or so regular readers (and no, that is not a joke). I can only imagine how disappointed you have been all week as you checked in each day for my amazing insights and revelations only to find I have not posted anything new.

Or not . . . . .

Anyway, for anyone interested, following is what I have been up to that got in the way of my keying up any posts:

my ‘day job’ My ‘day job’, which takes up most of my week-day awake time.

I am currently working on a Desktop Strategy preparing for the introduction of Windows 7, with either Office 2007 or Office 2010, into the organisation I am consulting for. This has been challenging because of all the new ‘virtualisation’ options that have become available in the desktop system area over the last two to three years.
blue-penciling a book Over the last few weeks I have been blue-penciling a medical book of almost 500 pages for a doctor. She has undertaken the mammoth task of documenting her insights from many years of treating infants and young children. 

Not being a doctor my blue-penciling is related mainly to syntax, grammar, and layout suggestions—as opposed to correcting any technical content. But this still takes time to do.
invitation for SCN’s
21st birthday

Seriously cute niece (SCN) has outlined her project plan for her upcoming 21st birthday. One of the tasks on the plan is the production of the invitations. Due to my level 3 skills (out of 5) using PhotoShop I have undertaken to work on the main picture on the invitation.

I understand that, all things being equal and working out as planned, I am going to get to take pictures at SCN’s birthday. If things work out like this, and keep in mind that life is random, then I might be able to share a few pictures of SCN’s 21st with you in my blog.


and back
On Friday I went on-site for my day job. This involved a 180 kilometre drive starting Friday morning. Then the team went into Bunbury for drinks and eats after work, which was another 55 kilometres. Then I had to drive back to Collie from Bunbury (I was staying over-night in Collie). Then on the Saturday morning I decided to come home via Popanyinning where I know some people; so that was 170 kilometres. And finally back to Kalamunda—160 kilometres. Once home my wife had organised for us to go out for home-made pizza at some friends.

So I hope that sort of explains why there have been no postings during the week.

However I have lots of ideas for postings and hope to work through them during this week.

As I like to get a picture in my posts somewhere I will exit this post with a picture taken on the outskirts of Collie (on the Williams road) showing the smoke that was in the air from the forest burn-offs that have been taking place over the last two weeks.