SCN at Fairbridge: Ye Olde Back-to-Post Shot

I know, I know. Not another ‘back-to-post’ posed shot. But mine is different. Firstly it features my seriously cute niece. Secondly I have taken the picture from a low vantage point so you are looking up to her face. The camera’s cross-hairs are probably at about butt level if not slightly lower. In my view—says he who took the picture—this gives the shot a more interesting perspective.

It is actually surprisingly hard to make this pose look natural but in the case of this shot I think I might have jagged “natural”. It is not too hard to believe that the model could be in casual conversation with someone just out-of-shot, or maybe just looking off over to the left at something that has caught her interest.

SCN_Fairbridge Shoot 5

I really like this shot as a “hot babe and old houses” image. The uneven red clay house-brick paving, the faded weatherboard walled house, the square-cut panelled windows, and, best of all, the seriously old weathered, faded, and splintery veranda post the model is resting on. Then you have this “hot babe” in sexy heels just casually leaning against the old post. Works for me.