Forced to Buy an FHM Recently

FHM Cover I recently had little choice but to purchase a copy of FHM (For Him Magazine). I haven’t bought a copy of FHM for some time. Basically they seem to be full of sport, fast cars, adverts, adverts disguised as articles, sport, and two or three sets of shots of bikini or lingerie clad babes—and often the photographs are not that good (technically I mean, like out-of-focus, badly cropped/framed, and camera shake shots seem to be common).

But they play dirty at FHM. Now and then they put Jennifer Hawkins on the cover and then any guy on the planet who sees it has no choice other than to pick a copy up.

As it happened there were a few things in this issue, October 2010, that actually were of interest and, as I had to buy a copy, I thought I might share.

There is an article titled “Time to quit the internet” about privacy on the Internet and that ISPs (in Australia anyway) may shortly be legally bound to keep a copy of everything we all do on the Internet—so the ‘law’ can check back through it should the need arise.

TWSteelWatch There are a few adverts for TW STEEL watches. Not that I would normally take very much notice of watch adverts, but as it happens I am in the market for a watch upgrade. I want something large, simple, analogue (has hands), that tells the time and maybe has a chronograph (that works using the analogue hands). How about that. That is exactly the kind of watch TW STEEL make. They even look kinda cool.

There is an interview with Shia LaBeouf where he says “There’s a lot of people that liked the second one [being Transformers 2]. I hated the second one”, and lots of other things.

In the middle starting on page 65 is the feature article “150 Reasons Why Life’s NEVER BEEN BETTER”. For a realist like myself this was a must read. Us realists find it a challenge these days to put our fingers on many reasons why life “has never been better”—as this massively overpopulated world runs out of shelter (housing), petrol, food, drinking water, and air that we can breath.

So, from the 150, here are my few picks of those reasons that might just have a little bit of truth to them.


Then they have 150 giveaways including smartphones, cameras (the Samsung WB600), DVDs, computer bags, and Dyson vacuum cleaners. Yep. Honestly. Dyson DC31 hand-held hi-tech vacuum cleaners. Five to give away.

So it wasn’t a total waste of $8.95.