Posters and Amazing Computer Drawn Images

Back in mid-March I did a quick post (here) featuring some de-motivational posters from At the time reader cdk_101 commented about a couple of other de-motivational poster sites he/she was aware of.

I have just been going back over older postings and saw cdk_101’s comments again and it reminded me to have a look at one of the sites he/she mentions, which is

Following are few of the posters from marcofolio.





These are not so much de-motivational posters as just posters intended to get a laugh.

Anyway I thought I would check it out. It is not as though I get hundreds of comments so I need to recognise the few people who do comment.

To go to macrofolio’s Top 40 posters page where the four posters above were found then Ctrl+click here.

To go to macrofolio’s ‘Inspiration’ images front page then Ctrl+Click here. A couple of examples of pictures from these ‘Inspiration’ pages follow.



Note that both these images were hand drawn on a computer. There are many more at the marcofolio site.