SCN at Fairbridge: Shop Window

If you use your imagination it could be a shop window. I think that it really is actually supposed to be a mock-up of a small shop from the outside as it has an old petrol pump placed at the front. Also, from memory, I vaguely recall that it had a “Store” sign above the door—but I can’t be sure of that. Must check that if we go back there.

SCN_Fairbridge Shoot-6

During the shots taken at this location SCN had a peek through the window and from memory she said it looked like it was someone’s actual office. There was a desk or table with paperwork on it and a bookshelf.

I forget the flash setting but I think it was at –1.5 stops (or what I used to know as 25%). I am quite close in with this shot (around 65mm of lens) and I wound the flash right back as there were no strong shadows to deal with—it was fully overcast at this point.  There is just the tiniest glint coming from SCN’s bottom lip to give away that a flash was being used. There is the weakest of shadows being thrown by the heels and the leg on the floor, and a slightly stronger shadow coming off the middle ‘leg’ of the bench seat.

It is a pity that the jpeg EXIF data captured for each picture does not capture more about the flash settings in use. Maybe there is some way to make this happen and just don’t know how to do it.