SCN at Fairbridge: Red Brick Steps

I know—I have a ‘vertical’ coming out of her head. I really do check for this every time when framing but somehow I always manage to take a few frames where this happens. And it is always the reasonably well exposed and better posed shots that have the badly placed ‘vertical’ in them. Still it is in the ‘far’ background and not too obvious or distracting.

I also managed to get a bit of severe flash-back coming off the gloss finish on the double doors; but I should have mentioned that after you admired my picture because now you are going to notice it and focus on it.

Anyway here is SCN with her nice clean jeans sitting on a really dusty old set of red brick steps we found at the Fairbridge location. I must remember in future when doing “hot babe and old houses” shoots to take along a little dust brush. There were a number of times that we needed to be able to dust things off before she posed in, on, or around them.


Again the image processing is a bit cool as it comes from the K-7. I tried warming it up in a number of ways but it rapidly goes too pinkish-red with all that ‘red’ brick in the foreground. Mind you the cool-ish hue makes the blue heels look awesome. And about all that red brick in the foreground . . . I decided not to crop it out and put SCN mid-frame because I kind of like the look of all that red brick in front taking up the bottom third of the picture.

Unlike the previous shots I have posted so far this shot has been sharpened. I used the duplicate layer/overlay with the high-pass filter method of sharpening. The high-pass filter was set to 1.2 pixel radius. This bit of sharpening not only brought up her face but also drew out the sheen coming off her heels.

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