Sales of PCs Boomed in Q3: Lenovo Now Number 2

According to Gartner Research, one the leading information technology research organisations—if not ‘the’ leading information technology research organisation—has just reported that 91.8 million brand-name PCs were sold in the third quarter of 2011.

That works out to:

  • 30.6 million PCs sold per month, or
  • 7,116,280  PCs sold per week, or
  • 1,016,600 PCs sold per day, or
  • 42,360 PCs sold per hour, or
  • 706 PCs sold per minute.

Yep! In every minute of July, August, and September 706 brand-name PCs were being sold to someone somewhere.

Numbers vary but in addition to these brand-name PCs up to another 8 percent of compatible no-name (put-together) PCs have most probably also been sold. But these are not included in the Gartner official brand-name counts. This 8 percent of un-branded PCs would add another 2.45 million to the official count.

You keep reading articles on how the “PC is dead” or the “PC era is over”. Somehow I think that prediction might be a little pre-mature. I work for a very large company that is about to purchase something like 25,000 new PCs world-wide over the next 18 months or so as they begin to execute a company-wide upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. I suspect there are a significant number of very large companies still running Windows XP that are about to do the same thing. So PCs sales are not going to decline any time soon—unless the world suffers a major depression.

Gartner also found that Lenovo have displaced DELL in the number 2 position. So the Top 3 PC manufacturers are now:

  1. HP
  2. Lenovo (IBM)
  3. DELL

They don’t say where Acer is these days but I am thinking that Acer could well have made it up into the Top 5 by now. I am thinking of going Acer for my next PC although I must admit that HP do have some interesting options these days for the serious home computer user.