It’s the sizzle (err, sex) that sells (i.e., gets the hits)

The sad truth is that cute and/or sexy women are what bring in the numbers. Just look at the top three posts bringing in the unique hits this week.


Don’t get excited by the hit counts shown in the above snippet. They are for the week! Not the day.

But right up there at the top is Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones. I posted that on the 7th of July 2012 and Emilia has been my top daily hit every day since then except for 37 days!

ManTranceSnapComing in second—with about 40 percent of the hits Emilia has—is my posting about males been massively visually stimulated when it comes to things sexual. Interestingly this has seven comments, which for my blog is a very high number. I have not done the actual math but I figure that about 98 percent of my posts have zero comments. It is quite possible that this post has the highest number of comments posted (but I have not checked).

Also, even though it was posted back in November 2010 there are comments post in November 2012 and March 2013.

Following are some of the comments. You can go to the actual post by clicking on the comments below.


Coming in third is the ‘Amazing Transformation’ and this posting is always somewhere in the Top 10 and often in the Top 5. Four or five times it has been in the top spot. And again this was posted way back in August, 2010. It has five comments, which, as I noted before, is high for a posting at my site.

Click on the image to go to the posting and read the comments. One of the comments contains a link to a 1680x1050 version of the “amazing transformation”.


I sort of drifted away from doing ‘babe’ posts, but I am thinking I might have to re-think this strategy in order to get the unique count back up.

Any thoughts on this from readers?


Four years and 900 posts

I just checked my e-mail in Outlook on my main computer and my calendar popped up a message and alerted me that on Sunday the 18th of August I had been running my site for four years. I would have set this alert for myself last year to remind me this year.

So then I decided to check how many posts I had made in those four years, and at that point it was exactly 900.

900 posts over four years.

My next milestone, assuming I make it, will probably be my 1000th post.

As I have mentioned before my daily unique visitor count is falling slowly but hopefully I will keep my interest going and continue posting.

Genuine thanks to those readers that have stuck with me. I hope I have posted the odd interesting article for your enjoyment. If you have any ideas for me to get more visitors then please feel free to post a comment and let me know.


HSD: Every 60 seconds on the Internet . . .

I am not sure what to make of this. Whether it is interesting, amusing, or downright depressing.

The following infographic charts some of the things that happen every 60 seconds on the Internet. Anything to do with porn has not been counted.


So, picking off a few statistics starting at the 12 o’clock position, every 60 seconds on the Internet:

  • 70 new domain names are registered.
  • 15,000 songs are downloaded from iTunes.
  • 347 new blogs are started on WordPress.
  • 571 new Web sites are created.
  • 20,000 new photographs are uploaded to Tumblr.
  • 204 million e-mails are sent. Who was it that predicted the death of e-mail in 2010?
  • Amazon sells US$83,000 worth of goods.
  • 72 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • 2 million searches are done on Google.

Clicking on the Infographic will take you to the source.

For those interested following are some porn statistics.


Using the numbers from the top infographic this means that about 70 new porn related Web sites are created every minute.


Click on either of the above clips to go to the site with the whole infographic over at

Obviously these statistics depending on an individual’s view of what is pornographic and what is not—which can vary greatly.


Seems a few folk are reading through all my posts

It looks like there are about five or six people who are reading through all my posts. What makes me think this?

Well usually when I check the visitor statistics there are like 10 or 15 posts at the top that have most of the reads. And then it generally tails of rapidly down to the 2s and 1s, and then after about the Top 30 or so posts the number of readers goes quickly to zero.

But over the last week or so there have been five or six people opening posts going way back into the 100s and they are working through them serially from most current to older. To me this sort of indicates—but I could be completely mis-reading the signs here—that these readers are gradually making their way through all my old posts.

This is sort of flattering in a way—that some folks are choosing to read all my old stuff.

One of the issues with a blog style site is that most people only see the latest two or three postings and don’t bother to check much lower than that. So it is kind of good that there are some people digging down into my earlier stuff.

[Insert big grin here]


It’s a while since I did a Top 10—Top Ten for the week

It is some time since I did a Top 10 so here are the Top 10 articles read by visitors to my site in the last week.

1 Some Christmas presents just take a little more work 143
2 Cute Babe 009: Emilia Clarke 138
3 Adrianne Palicki Chosen to Play Wonder Woman 89
4 Surface Pro for Australia next Thursday 40
5 Adobe's de-blur technology-sales potential is enormous 35
6 Sexual Arousal: Males Are Massively Visual 33
7 Amazing Transformation: Designed Desktop Wallpaper 28
8 Country Girls Wear Shorter Shorts 27
9 Game of Thrones season 3 on track for late March release 25
10 Windows 7—Hot'n'Sexy Celebrity Women Theme 21


If anyone knows a better way to paste an Excel table into Live Writer and maintain the hyperlinks then please let me know. I tried it as an image but then, obviously, you lose the hyperlinks.

R2D2XmasHeelsAnyway, up there at number 1 with 143 unique views for the week is “Some Christmas presents just take a little more work”. This posting was about the custom painted R2D2 heels my son arranged for his girlfriend last Christmas.

At right is a never before published (on this blog) picture of these shoes from my Smugmug Abalook collection—being modelled by the girlfriend on Xmas morning. You can go to my Smugmug Abalook folder on Smugmug by clicking on the picture however you will need to know the super-secret password. Don’t know the super-secret password? You can find it by looking through this posting.

Coming in a very close second with 138 unique views for the week was the ever popular posting “Cute Babe 009: Emilia Clarke”.

One of the more interesting entries in the Top 10 was “Sexual Arousal: Males Are Massively Visual”. This was originally posted way back in November 2010 and yet it is still making the Top 10. This posting also has a reasonable collection of comments considering the vast bulk of my postings have NO comments (hint, hint). But this posting has six.


Titbit: Some smartphone statistics

I guess depending on your age you may or may not find the following statistics about smartphones marginally depressing.

Note that the following relates specifically to smartphones and not mobile phones in general.

  • The average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day (about once every 6.5 minutes).
  • The average iOS and Android smartphone user has downloaded and installed 41 apps.
  • Of these 41 only 2.2 are paid for (the rest are ‘free’).
  • The average Windows Phone user has downloaded 7 apps (because most of what you need is built into Windows 8 Phone).
  • 1.3 million new Android devices (smartphone and SIM-enabled tablets) are activated every day.
  • The above means that in every 24 hour period 400 percent more new smartphones and tablets are set up than there are babies born.
  • The average smartphone user spends about 1.2 hours per day browsing the Web from their smartphone.
  • With iOS and Android users, of apps downloaded, one in four are abandoned/uninstalled after the first use.
  • Over the last 12 months gaming on phones and tablets has become the single most popular activity accounting for 43 percent of battery usage.
  • Social networking comes second accounting for 26 percent of battery usage.
  • By the end of 2013 it is estimated there will be 1.82 billion active smartphones in use globally.
  • Australia has the second highest smartphone penetration in the world with 37 percent of the population owning a smartphone.
  • Singapore has the highest penetration with 62 percent of the population owning a smartphone.
  • By comparison, the USA which is sixth, has 35 percent penetration.
  • Two out of five people use their smartphones while watching television.
  • Three out five use there smartphones while eating a meal in company.
  • 80 percent of smartphone owners will check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up.
  • For 60 percent of smartphone owners their smartphone is the first thing they will pick up on waking.
  • Smartphone usage is the number one cause of ‘distracted driving’ motor vehicle incidents. Eating/drinking while driving is number two. Using a navigation system is number three. Distracted by passengers is number four.
  • The Android smartphone operating system developed by Google now accounts for over 53 percent of the smartphone market.
  • Apples’ iOS is less than half the Android share at around 23 percent.
  • E-mail is the number one application downloaded for use on smartphones [I found this interesting. I though e-mail was a dead technology?].
  • More e-mail is read via mobile devices than using a desktop client or via webmail [I wonder if this factors in businesses?].
  • 82 percent of smartphone users use their smartphone for reading and sending e-mails [Not me! I don’t have any e-mail configured on my smartphone].
  • Just under one third of smartphone owners purchased their first smartphone in the last 16 months.
  • Only 12 percent of smartphone owners have had a smartphone for five years of more.
  • 51 percent of smartphone owners are aged 12 – 34.
  • Less then a fifth of smartphone owners use voice commands regularly [which could be because they really just don’t work that well … yet].
  • Smartphone owners upgrade their phones more frequently than feature phone owners. Feature phone owners have an upgrade cycle of 3.1 years. The average upgrade cycle for smartphone users is 22 months (just under two years).

I collected these statistics from various sites. I often found statistics on one site that were different to those on the site I was referencing.

The problem with a lot of these kinds of statistics is that there is no crisp way to arrive at a perfect outcome so the organisations doing them have to average, flatten, weight, and adjust—hence there are differences between the various statistic collections. But the idea is to get a general view rather than to have razor sharp numbers.


Okay, That Was Funny: 43 Percent Were Boys

Just had to grab the computer, boot Windows back up, and blog this before I forget it.

I was just watching ABC 22 sitting here alone in my motel unit and this weird very short, very fast, little segment came on. I think is was called “News Roast” or “Roast News”, but it all happened so fast I can’t be sure. It was on and over in about two minutes. Seriously, if I had of blinked I really would have missed it.

5743ABC22It was an ‘article’ about how a recent survey has revealed, surprise, surprise, that 80 percent of young folk under 25 got, or are getting, their sex education from the Internet. Then the presenter zoomed through all these interesting sex ‘facts’, many of which were humorous but basically true at the same time, one of which was . . .

57 percent of young people surveyed said the didn’t really enjoy it the first time they had sex . . . the remaining 43 percent were boys.

Well I thought it was funny. Funny and probably totally true.


We Live in Interesting Statistical Times

The first half of 2012 is turning into an interesting statistical time.

Following are a few examples that I have picked up, but there could be others. If you know of any other ‘never happened before culture changing statistics’ from the first half of 2012 then please post a comment about it. I will edit this post and add it in (after verifying it, so please also post a reference link I can check).

More Network Video than DVDs+Blu Ray

In the first half of 2012 people in the USA watched more video over a network connection than from DVDs plus Blu-ray. I posted on this here if you would like to read a bit more about it.

As a significant amount of the network connection video is ‘pirated’ video I am not sure what this means moving forward. If the people who produce video, especially those that produce video purely for consumption at home on your TV, can’t make a decent profit from what they make then they will stop making it.

The second series of Game of Thrones (which is currently up to episode 6) has become the most pirated TV series ever and the producers of Game of Thrones have even said that plans to make season three are now having to be reviewed. This is because they are not going to make back anywhere near the money they expected from the second season because tens of thousands of people are watching it without paying anything for it.

Web Access via Smartphones and Tablets Exceeded Computer Browsing

In the first half of 2012 the number of hours spent accessing the InterWeb from smartphones and tablets exceeded those spent accessing it from a computer (desktop or notebook).

There is no way this applies to me. I spend many times more hours accessing the InterWeb using a computer than I do using my Acer Iconia Tablet or my Motorola Defy smartphone. In fact I almost never use my smartphone to connect to the InterWeb. “Data mode” is rarely ever turned on for my smartphone.

But with smartphones and tablets now being used more for accessing the InterWeb this is one reason that some people are declaring 2012 as the year of the death of the personal computer. However I suspect personal computers will be around for a few more years yet. Especially in business. I don’t see businesses using smartphones or tablets for serious business use—but I could be wrong (I often am).

Non-white Births Outnumber White Births in the USA

According to this article here in the UK Telegraph the number of ‘non-white’ children born in the USA outnumbered the number of ‘white’ children born in the first half of 2012 and this ratio is expected to increase.

There are two factors contributing to this. The first and most obvious is the increasing number of Asians and Hispanics moving into America.

The second and slightly less obvious reason is that white Americans have less babies. In fact the fertility rate (as it is called) of white females is around 1.7 babies in her lifetime, which is below replacement (considering it takes couple to make a baby). Meaning that the number of white Americans is going backwards.


HSD: SPAM Contributing to Global Warming

I just had to find something to do as a HSD (Holy Snapping Duckshit) posting because I only have three of them in my categories so far.

So I found this in an Infographic at A New Domain. The picture links to the full Infographic posted over at A New Domain.


The energy consumed by the 62 trillion e-mails sent every year produces the same about of carbon dioxide as 1,600,000 cars driving around the earth.

A few more ‘facts’ from the entire Inforgraphic are:

  • The entire world will be connected to the Internet by the end of 2017 [and I am not that sure this is a good thing—but maybe].
  • In 2005 the US alone had a total of 10.3 million data centres and these data centres consumed enough energy to power the entire UK for two months.
  • Every month the Google data centres alone produce 260,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide.


Titbit: Samsung Sells 50,000 Phones per Work-hour

Samsung has managed to do something that only two years ago seemed impossible. They have knocked Nokia off as the number one worldwide seller of mobile phones (‘cell phones’ for my American readers).

GalaxyS11Worldwide in Q1 of 2012 (i.e., Jan to March) Samsung were selling 20,533 phones per hour for every hour of the day, for every day of the week. That is 342 phones per minute! They sold 44.5 million phones in Q1.

If you reduce it down to six work days a week and 12 work hours per day then it gets even more insane with Samsung selling 48,000 phones per hour or 800 per minute.

Nokia have plummeted from far and away the number one seller of mobile phones just two years ago into second place, with Apple sitting very close against them in third place. Market analysts expect Nokia and Apple to swap places by mid-year making the top two smartphone companies Samsung and Apple but with Samsung remaining a good 20 percent ahead of Apple in worldwide unit sales.