SPORK: From 500 Pixels

I have spent a fair slice of this Sunday afternoon looking through pictures at 500 pixels. If you missed my posting about 500 pixels then you can check it out here.

There are some awesome and interesting pictures posted there and following is one of those I have been back to a few times.


This picture—which links to the posting at 500 pixels—is called SPORK and after you have studied it for a number of seconds you might begin to see why. It is a spoon balanced on top of a fork which are placed on a sheet of something that is black with white dots. I have no idea what the sheet of something is and there are no notes with the picture at 500 pixels that tell us what it is. But the effect is fantastic.

There are a number of levels of reflection going on in the highly polished cutlery. First you have the background sheet of white dots being reflected in the fork prongs. Then you have the fork prongs being reflected within the dots being reflected by the back of the spoon on top of the fork. And then there are the (tiny) dots being reflected from the reflection of the dots on the fork prongs in the reflection of the fork prongs in the back of the spoon. Whew! I think I got that right.

Oh, and this is a colour picture. It just so happens everything in this colour picture is black and white; or make that black and white and silver.

The picture was taken by Bildwerker Freiburg and I surely hope he is okay with me reproducing a reduced size down-sampled version of his work on my blog. To see the original work you can click on the picture above.

At the time I last checked this picture it was rated at 69.3 out of 100 on 500 pixels. They must be a tough crowd over there at 500 pixels for this to only rate 69.3.