Titbit: Samsung Galaxy Note

SamsungNoteIt almost seems like there is a new supa-dupa smartphone released every week. Four weeks ago it was the iPhone 4s. Three weeks ago it was the incredible Google Nexus (which is actually made by Samsung). Two weeks ago it was the awesome Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone.

This week it is the Samsung Note (which was announced in September but only recently released).

Although with a whopping 5.3” screen the question is: “Is the Galaxy Note a mobile phone or a Tablet PC that can be used as a phone?”

Samsung are claiming that the Note is a new type of smartphone. Something not seen before. This is not only because of the Note’s huge 5.3” screen but because the phone works as both a ‘normal’ touch-phone but at the same time works as a stylus notepad. Yep. The old stylus ‘pen’ from the late 1990’s is making a come back.

If you are the least bit interested you can see more here at Tech Radar or watch the mini demo at Samsung here (or click the picture).

I promise, unless Microsoft themselves release a mobile phone, no more posts about mobile phones now for at least a month.