7 Days of Around 100 Uniques (SCN Popular)

TrafficDetails2On the 24th October I did my 500th posting which featured four edits of a  picture of seriously cute niece (SCN) at Falls Farm. Then from the 25th up until today I have had the best continuous run of unique visitors ever to my site.

For five of these days the number of uniques is over 100 with one day hitting 116, and the other two days are over 90. And there is still five hours of today (31st) to go yet.

That works out to a daily average over those seven days of 103 (102.71). This is pretty exciting for me and is a significant increase from my typical daily average of around 65.

Over the seven days there were a total of 1,335 page views. That works out to each unique visitor over the seven days viewing about two postings (1.857 to be exact).

So what are people looking at. Well in order the Top 5 were:

  1. The Puzzle of the Soccer Girls Wallpaper (here) viewed 188 times.
  2. SCN Falls Farm Shoot (2): 500th Posting (here) viewed 157 times.
  3. Motifake.com: De-motivational Posters (here) viewed 38 times.
  4. 1,400 Year Old Angel Oak Tree (here) viewed 25 times.
  5. Link-overs: Puzzle of the Soccer Girls (here) viewed 22 times.

611 of the views were of “Journal” which means they were simply of the ‘front page’ which is whatever the most current posting was at the time they dialled up my site.

A lot of the views of the SCN posting probably came over from DPReview where I did a referring posting. But even so it is great to see people linking over to check out my pictures of SCN.

As for the Soccer Girls Wallpaper it is kind of amazing to see this getting so many hits when it was first posted way back in May (15th May). The only way this could be happening is if people are putting link-overs on their sites and Facebook pages. Also interesting about this is that the views are of the original posting and not the posting where the mystery was solved and the model was revealed as being Keeley Hazell (here). A check of the Abablook SmugMug site shows that the Soccer Girls wallpaper has been downloaded 41 times.

It would be awesome if my daily average were to stay up around 100. You can be sure I will let you know if it does. Maybe I need to post another picture of SCN RSN (real soon now).