“Nude” Picture of Taylor Swift: Her or Not?

Taylor1If you spend any time on the Web and visit any of the popular news aggregator sites (such as digg.com. reddit.com, or dailyrotation.com) or any of the major news sites (such as news.com.au, telegraph.co,uk, bbc.co.uk, or huffingtonpost.com) then there is no way you could have missed all the postings about the ‘nude’ picture of Taylor Swift being posted around the Web since about Monday.

Firstly, assuming it is Taylor, she is not nude. She is topless and this is a huge difference to being ‘nude’.

Secondly Taylor is denying that it is her. She is saying that is it some other girl who looks a lot like her.

Well despite Taylor denying it is her (here at Huffingtonpost), and despite a number of other sites stating they don’t think it is her, after some careful study I can find three key indicators that make me believe it is Taylor. Taylor has a number of unique facial attributes and these attributes match the girl in the picture. So, for my money, either someone has photoshopped Taylor’s head onto that bare-breasted body or it is Taylor.

Interestingly, in September Scarlett Johansson denied that a few pictures of her ‘nude’ that found their way onto the Web were not of her. After six weeks of denying that they were of her, just this week she has now confessed that they are of her and that she took them to send to her then husband Ryan Reynolds (they are no longer married). You can find articles on this here (huffingtonpost) and here (TMZ).

Talyor is threatening to sue the main site carrying the bare-breasted picture that they claim to be her. As far as I know it is still only a threat at this stage with her lawyers issuing strongly worded cease-and-desist letters.

I notice that going to the main site that was carrying the picture it now comes up with the following—so obviously something has happened with them.


TheStirAnyway, as I say, were I a betting man and someone was running a book on this then I would put my money on the picture being of Taylor based on my analysis. I am not alone in thinking this as can be seen from the snippet above from “the Stir” site (image links to site). But we may never know for sure because it is extremely unlikely that, if it is Taylor, she is going to ‘fess up any time soon like Scarlett did.