Storm Clouds Over Yonder

Today we had a storm go by the mine site where I work. It went down the east side of the site while overhead and to the west there was bright sunshine.

The following picture was taken facing east towards Williams. You can see by the strong sunlight in the yard directly in front of me, and by the solid shadow being cast by the white van, that overhead the sun is shining.


I actually spotted this cloud build up on a visit to the loo. Then as my camera was in my car I had to take a brisk walk of about 300 meters out through the security turnstile to my car (600 meters round-trip) to go and get it. Fortunately when I got back the build up was still there although it had moved south—but there was still enough to take a snap of it.

It was hard to know what to take a meter reading from to get a well balanced shot. I ended up metering off the grey tank you can see lower centre. I figured this would give a pretty good 18% grey reading.

On the Bureau of Meteorology weather radar this system actually contained some red density clouds and that is relatively rare for the South West region of  Western Australia.

We didn’t get any rain to speak of at the site but looking at those clouds someone over to the east must have got a good downpour or two.