Britney Spears Still Very Popular: Most Followed on Google+

Britney2I can recall not so long ago—well it doesn’t seem that long ago—when Britney Spears was the most searched for term on the Internet. In fact, from memory, Britney held the title of most searched for ‘anything’ on the Internet for three years in a row.

I know this because I was one of those doing the searching back then. If I had been doing this blog site back then I would now be able to refer back to my postings relating to this—but I wasn’t; so I can’t.

As far as I know nothing and nobody has ever managed to achieve this record since—being most searched for three years in a row.

It seems Britney will be turning 30 this week—which seems almost impossible.

Seems she is also still very popular because she is the most followed person on Google+ (the thinking person’s Facebook). Britney has almost 800,000 followers (794,865 to be exact when I just checked then). You can check by going to Britney’s Google+ page here.

This brings out two points: Britney is smarter than many people might have given her credit for: she is on Google+ and not Facebook; and there are a lot of people on Google+ who are still Britney fans.