Titbit: 41% of People Don’t Use Facebook

According to a survey published in today’s West Australian newspaper 41 percent of people surveyed in Western Australia don’t use Facebook. I don’t use Facebook—although way back at the start of Facebook I did set up an account. But I think I used it about three times and then it became what they refer to as an ‘orphaned’ account. I could not even log back into it if I wanted to because I have no idea what e-mail address I used to set it up or what the password is.

There is this sort of general truism that ‘real IT people don’t use Facebook’, and I can confirm that. Nobody that I know in the IT section where I work has a Facebook account.

Another interesting result in the survey is that only 28 percent of us are happy with the money we are being paid. I can relate to that. I think I am worth at least double what I am being paid (insert grin here).

Also it seems that of married people surveyed 80 percent are happy with their partners. I guess this means, on the downside, that 20 percent (which is one in five) are not happy with their partners.