iPad 3 in September 2011?

I don’t have an iPad. Where I work there is a view that no serious IT professional owns, or would admit to owning, an Apple iPad. Somewhat along the same lines that no serious IT professional uses Facebook.

Even so, you would have to be in a coma to not know that Apple recently released the next version of their iPad—known as the iPad 2.

However there is a strong view in the IT world that the iPad 2 is really the iPad 1.5. That Apple rushed ‘something’ to market because of all the new tablet-style ‘computers’ coming onto the market. There is the Motorola Xoom, the DELL Streak, the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Toshiba Folio, the dual booting (Windows 7 or Android) ViewSonic ViewPad (pictured below, picture from Engadget), the HP TouchPad, and the new Samsung Galaxy PAD—just to name a few.

There are also many other not so well known brands about to release tablet devices.


So Apple brings out iPad 2 (1.5). But it has really crappy cameras built in. And it still has no provision for flash memory to be added (e.g., SD card memory), or for the connection of any USB devices, and still no Flash playback. Also the built-in memory is the same as it is in the iPad 1 and it has the same screen.

Following along this line of thought there is strong consensus in the IT world that Apple will bring out the real iPad 2, probably called the iPad 3, in September this year.

Just thought I would share that … in case anyone was thinking of upgrading to iPad 1.5. Errr, I mean, iPad 2.