Gol-darn Cat Hairs (Get In Everything)

We have a cat. More like 1.2 cats actually. We started out with these two stroll-by kittens adopting us, both of them males, and as they got older—into their cat-teenage years—the alpha male cat kept fighting and annoying the other male. So the other male sort of 0.8 moved out and adopted another family (who live sort of diagonally behind us). But from time to time he turns back up here to see if there is anything more interesting to eat than his other family are providing. He usually gets a whack on the nose from his alpha-brother when he does but I guess his curiosity just gets the better of him.

But, as usual, I am moving away from the point of this post. The point being that even with just the one cat in the house, and the fact my wife sweeps and vacuums frequently, somehow cat hairs just seem to turn up in everything.

I am working from my home office today and I just went out and made myself a coffee. And after I had made it using my awesome Nespresso coffee machine, there, just visible in the freshly made coffee crème, is a cat hair.

See it?


No? Well how about in this enlargement (cropped from the picture above)?


There are obviously all these tiny cat hairs just suspended in the air waiting for me to get food or make coffee. Most mornings I managed to find one or two to pick out of the milk when I have my Weet-Bix cereal. It is even worse when there is one spotted in the honey because then you have to get honey on your fingers, which means getting up from breakfast and washing your hands. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

For anyone wondering what “gol-darn” means, which would mostly be those under about 45 reading this, following is a snippet from www.dictionary.com explaining it.