New Uniques Peak of 292!!

NewPeakIt was only eight days ago that I posted about getting 121 unique visitors to my site, which at the time was my all time high for a day. But checking my stats today I see that I had a whopping 292 uniques on the 24th March. This is over double the 121 uniques peak on the 19th!!

It quickly drops down to 116 on the 25th and then 72 on the 26th, but getting 292 unique visitors on the 24th is pretty frigging exciting.

So … what were they looking at?

MKSmallI figured it was going to have to be the posting I did about Miranda Kerr as my fantasy IT support person’s angel (use Ctrl+Click on the picture of Miranda to open that posting in a new Tab). It is usually the babe postings that get the peak visitors. I seriously doubted it would be the posting about why insulin is the regulator of how and why we all put on weight (here) or how, if you are not using a serif font for your hardcopy documents, then you might want to reconsider your choice of fonts (here).

TennisBabeBut I was wrong. It was not Miranda who was pulling in the traffic or the extremely fascinating and riveting item about using serif fonts.

As can be seen from the pie graph from SquareSpace (left), 53.3 percent of the hits were against an old posting from 19th April last year (almost a year ago) about the death of Martin Elliot—who was the photographer who took the picture for the all time top selling poster (do people even buy wall posters any more?). The pie chart picture links to the posting if you have not seen it (Ctrl+Click to open it in a new Tab).

I can only assume that someone came across this posting on my site and then put the link into one of the thousands of link sharing forums around the Web, or possibly onto their Facebook page and they have lots of friends. If they did, and if they happen to be reading this post, then thanks heaps for that. Seeing numbers of uniques up around 300 is pretty exciting.