Titbit: Over 18 Million WordPress Sites

Just had to post on this. I am just watching TWiT episode 291 in the background and they put on their usual SquareSpace advert. After the advert there was some discussion about SquareSpace and Web site hosting in general. And as would be the case in any conversation about site hosting and blogs they brought up WordPress—one of the ‘oldest’ and best know names in site hosting.

On TWiT they mentioned that there were now 18 million active sites being hosted by WordPress.

18,000,000! Just on WordPress.

I did a Google search to confirm this and found the following counter.


Imagine that. Over 18,000,000 Web sites hosted by WordPress alone!

I was impressed.

I wonder how many Web sites/blogs there are on all the others: SquareSpace (which is the one I use for this); Google; Moveable Type; Tumblr; MSN/Live; Yahoo; GoDaddy; FatCow; TypePad; Blogger; etc, etc?