Titbit: CO2 Produced by the Internet

InternetCO2According to an InfoGraphic over at Mashable, using the Internet produces a lot of greenhouse gases. The InfoGraphic indicates that Google alone produce 260,000 kg of CO2 per month.

Consider adding to this the CO2 produced by Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Apple, Microsoft, and the thousands of other Internet datacentres around the world.

Then there is the CO2 created by the transmission and processing of the 62 trillion SPAM emails estimated to have been sent in 2010.


This is just the unsolicited unwanted SPAM e-mails. Imagine how many non-SPAM e-mails were processed.

Click on either of the above images to link over and see the complete InfoGraphic [use Ctrl+Click to open it in a new Tab, or Shift+Click if you use Opera].