Darn! Visitor Count Has Fallen Back to ‘Normal’

Whatever it was that was pushing my unique visitor count up has stopped working. My unique visitors count has fallen back to the 30 or 40 range where it normally sits. Still, 30 to 40 dedicated regular readers is good. I can recall a time when I felt pretty special getting 15 readers!

If I knew how to put together a survey form I would do one. That way I could find out the mix of girls versus boys visiting my site, and where you all live. I might have to look into that when I get some time. Can’t be that hard to do. Not for someone who used to write thousands of lines of Fortan code for ‘real’ computers and developed programs in the COMPASS assembly language (both 12-bit PPU COMPASS and 60-bit CPU COMPASS). Any of my readers familiar with COMPASS?