Decided I Will See the Next Spiderman Movie

EmmaStone1A few months ago, sometime before Xmas actually, I saw the article where they told us who the ‘new’ Spiderman was gong to be. For those that missed it Andrew Garfield will be Spiderman in the next Spiderman movie, which is being filmed now.

At the time I sort of thought to myself that, for me, Tobey Maguire would always be Spiderman. I just could not see myself bothering to go along and seeing someone else playing Spidey.

I mean … really … Spiderman IS Tobey Maguire.

I just found something on the Web that changed my mind.

Emma Stone is playing the female lead in the next Spiderman movie. She will be Gwen Stacy—whoever Gwen Stacy is. I am sure someone far more familiar with Spiderman lore than me will know.

But the key thing here is that Emma Stone is going to be in the next Spiderman movie (big grin goes here).

EmmaStone2Interestingly she will be a blonde in Spiderman whereas she is ‘normally’ a reddish-brunette. I am pretty sure she is a natural red-head. In one Elle Magazine item I found she is featured in an article giving tips in an item titled “Makeup for Redheads” (here).

Many of the articles about Emma like to tell us she is the new Lindsay Lohan, but for my money she is much more of a delight to watch on the screen than Lindsay was. I love how she moves and how she talks, and her use of many different ‘perfect for the moment’ facial expressions.

EmmaStone3In her GQ interview when asked what her favourite clothes were she responded with “Anything I can wear with heels”. Just about the perfect answer really.

For anyone wondering how Emma comes up as a blonde I provide the following picture.


Can’t wait for Spiderman 4 now ….