A Heart on Her Butt

HeartTanNN-FNow and then I get email suggestion sent to me by people I used to know who sometimes have a look at my site (not that there are that many of them). There is also the odd e-mail from an ex-workmate.

I have even had two (but only two, hint, hint) e-mails from readers who worked out how send e-mails to me. How to do this is buried on my site somewhere but I will leave it to you to find it.

Anyway I got sent this recently and I decided I would post it.

I can see this catching on; if it hasn’t already.

SunTatoo1You often see the reverse in pictures where the girl has a non-tanned picture resembling something such as the Playboy Bunny. I presume they do this by sticking some kind of sticker on their skin while they are sun tanning. How else would they do it? I have seen Playboy Bunnies, stars, moons, hearts (outlined and solid hearts), that Betty Boo character, and one of a key (an old fashioned style key with the long shank and the loop at the end so you could turn it). Maybe it was the key to her heart?

Anyway. Just thought I would share that.