Rapture Countdown: Today is Rapture -8 Days

I am sure some site somewhere has a dynamic Rapture Countdown Clock running, but I did quick Google and Bing searches checking the first three pages of search results from both and I could not find an accurate one anywhere.

233DaysAwayI found one on YouTube that says 233 days to go, which is obviously wrong. The current firm date for The Rapture is the 21st May and that is only eight days away.

This extremely useful site (here) can tell you what date it is for any number of days in the future and, assuming whoever made this has a degree in calendar mathematics, then 233 days from now is the 31st of December (this year). I don’t recall seeing anyone forecasting the 31/12/2011 (that would be 12/31/2011 for my US readers) as the date of The Rapture so I have no idea what this person’s countdown clock is really counting down to—except maybe the end of the year.

I also found a site called satansrapture.com (here) but it has The Rapture happening on the 21st of December 2012; but as everyone knows that is not The Rapture date. That is the Mayan date of the end of the world. I think there are some people who are getting very confused between The Rapture and the end of the world (which we could abbreviate to EoTW because us IT types just like making up abbreviations for things). I guess this is an easy mistake to make if you are not paying close attention—confusing The Rapture with the EoTW.

On the second page of my Google search I found a site that features all sorts of countdown clocks and timers (here). But in fifteen scroll-downs (on my 1050 pixel height screen) no Rapture clock was found. Some of the timers here seem to be a little dated. For example it has a countdown clock for the 1999 solar eclipse and the US year 2000 census. Seems little point having these countdown clocks listed, among many others. These would be countup clocks (and accordinig to Dictionary.com countup is not even a word, but countdown is, how odd).

ManonHorseIn the Bing searches (Bing really does seem to find the ‘better’ sites) there was a site actually called countdowntorapture.com (here) that sounded very promising. I had a quick look at it but it was last updated in 1993 and anyway there is no Rapture countdown clock there. There was a picture of a man on a flying horse up in the sky (shown at right), but I am not sure how this aligns with The Rapture.

Using Bing I also came across a very handy Rapture ready-reckoner. Anyone here even know what a ready-reckoner is? Anyway this ready-reckoner provides all kinds of index inputs to computing the most likely timing of The Rapture, however I found it too hard to work out. I think it needs some serious studying. And nothing on the front page of the index said 21st of May, 2011.

For what it is worth, according to this site, the current Rapture Index is 182—but I am not sure what this means.

ReturnBing also brought up a promising site with “countdown to Christ’s return” in the key phases. I thought this might be a good chance for a countdown clock. But sadly not. About all I found at this site relating to a countdown was the bit I have shown at right.

I guess the advice given here that “It’s one day closer than it was yesterday” is not wrong, but not really that useful in terms of a countdown clock.

CountdownClockThen on the third page of the Bing searches I found the Holy Grail, so to speak. On the blogging site Blogspot I found this—an actual Day of Rapture countdown clock. Mission completed. Search over.

But wait a minute … 7 days 21 hours … that doesn’t seem right. In Australia it is Friday the 13th of May (a black Friday) which leaves 8 days until the 21st. In the USA is it Thursday the 12th of May, which leaves 9 days before they all presumably get Raptured. So where in the world is it 7 days and 21 hours until the 21st May? The answer is “nowhere”. So although I finally found an actual countdown clock it seems to be a day out; two days out if you live in the USA.

Oh, click on the picture if you want to go to the site [use Ctrl+Click to open it in a new Tab] but there is nothing there but this countdown clock; absolutely nothing. And, according to the visitor counter on the site 732 people had been there when I went there.