Rapture Countdown: Rapture -2 Days (What About Your Pets?)

Only a couple of days to go now until the second coming of Christ and the Rapture; if the current popular set of calculations have the date pinpointed correctly.

I have to confess I do not know the fine detail associated with the Rapture but as far as I know it will coincide with the second coming of Jesus. Jesus will then summon all those elected to participate in the Rapture, dead and living, and they will all leave this world for a far better place.

Current estimates indicate that only about six percent of us will be getting Raptured. Seems the count of elected Christians* is way down.

From the tiny bit of research I have done about the Rapture on the Web the last firm date we had for the Rapture was the 28th October, 1992; but it didn’t happen.

On the up-side, if you are in America and are concerned about who will look after your pets when you get Raptured then there is a organisation of confirmed atheists who have set up a business that might interest you. If you sign up with them then, if the Rapture does occur, Eternal Earth-bound Pets (here) will send one of their operatives out to your address and collect your lost and confused pets after you have gone.


The cost is just $135 for the first pet in the household then $20 for each additional pet. Your pets will be allocated out to a loving caring family of atheists and be well looked after for the rest of their lives or until the end of the earth; whichever comes first.

Eternal Earth-bound Pets will collect your abruptly abandoned pets should the Rapture occur within 10 years of you signing up.


As far as I can work out from their Web site Eternal Earth-bound Pets does not have any locations in Australia.

*Only elected Christians will be Raptured. I am not sure what defines an elected Christian.