Holy Snapping Duckshit: 795 Uniques Overnight

As I do most days when I am home about the first thing I did this morning after grudgingly getting out of bed was stumble into my ‘home office’, arc up my computer, and check my site statistics. This is what I saw ….


At 9:57 a.m. when I took this screen grab there had been 795 unique visitors to my site !!!

Sorry about the three exclamation marks (or ‘shrieks’ as they are sometimes called by our American friends) but I felt that in this case—as shocking punctuation as it is—they were warranted.

795 uniques with 1,036 views.

So, you might ask, what were they looking at? Well if you didn’t I certainly did.


SmallRaptureCalAs you can see from the SquareSpace page views breakdown shown above (which had clocked up 11 more to 1,047 views by the time I took this second screen grab) 74.5 percent of views are to my very first posting about the Rapture back on the 14th January (here).

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Well it’s off to have breakfast and a cup of coffee now.

I wonder if I could possible make it to 1,000 uniques by midday when SquareSpace reset the daily counter? If I do you can be sure I will let you’all know.