Rapture Countdown: Day 0—Just Hours to Go

Yep. Here we are. With just hours to go now until the event that tens of thousands of Christians all over the world are praying for. The second coming of Christ along with the Christian Rapture.

I should point out that my research shows that not all Christians are totally behind the Rapture happening on the 21st of May (USA time—the 22nd of May for us here in Perth, WA). It seems that the Anglican and Catholic Christians are relatively certain that the Rapture will not happen any time soon, and particularly on the 21st of May. This is because their general view is that the Bible says that it is impossible for man to work out when the Rapture will occur. Only God knows and he will not reveal it, and that when it comes it will come like “a thief in the night”. There will not be any earthquakes or storms accompanying it as are being talked about for this rapture.

I have no useful idea of the percentages or numbers, and I can’t be bothered doing the research at this stage to find out, but I figure that the number of Catholic Christians plus the Anglican Christians has to make up a big percentage of the total number of certified Christians in the world. I would guess that combined they probably make up at least 50 percent of the total number of all Christians—and they don’t think the Rapture is on for later today.

Additionally, in the event that the Rapture is on for the 21st (USA time) then not even all Christians will be ‘called’. Only elected or good Christians are in the book.

RapturePicSome news organs are reporting that the Rapture is already a failure but I think that they, and many others, have worked the time out incorrectly. My clear understanding is that the Rapture will happen all over the world at the SAME time. God is not bound by such human concepts as date lines or when the sun rises in certain parts of the world. And that one common time for all will be 6:00 a.m. east coast USA time on the 21st May.

So reports of no evidence of the Rapture already in New Zealand, such as in this report in the UK Telegraph (here), are premature by about 8 hours.

By my figuring in about eight hours or so (it is midnight Saturday here now as I key this) those of us in Western Australia will know the outcome. As I noted in a previous post the critical time for us here is 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning the 22nd.

I guess if you find a new blog posting on this site tomorrow sometime (Perth time) then either (a) the Rapture didn’t happen, or (b) it happened but I wasn’t in the book.


P.S. People who could stand a little bit of humour at this point might want to check out this ‘comic’ over at the Oatmeal site (here). It helps if you have ever installed software on a computer.