Finally Did It: Took Some Photographs While Working Away

As I posted a few days ago I have been taking my camera with me each week when I travel down to work and stay away for three or four days. But up until now I had not managed take any photographs. Well on my last trip I broke through the resistance and took a few shots.

All around the motel where I stay there are these trees that are turning to their autumn colours. The receptionist at the motel says the trees are called Liquid Amber trees. If they are, and I have no idea whether they are or not, then it is certainly a good name for them.


You can almost see the ‘liquid amber’ droplets being formed by the shape of the leaves.

I am not an expert on deciduous trees but it looks to me like the progression of colour is from green, to dark amber/red, to light amber, to yellow, and then falling off the tree.

In the picture above you can find examples of each of these colour change progressions. There are few green leaves still remaining in the bottom third of the shot.

I did a stepped yellow and green border treatment, taking colour samples for the border colours from within the picture, in an effort to try and keep the autumn theme going.

This second picture is of a group of trees alongside the road that got burnt about six months ago.


You can see that they have no top foliage but new leaves are growing at the base of the trees. Also the trunks of the trees are still black from when they were burnt. With the sun still low (it is about 8:00 a.m.) off to the left it almost seems to be shining through the young fresh leaves. The bright green of the sunlight reflecting off the waxy young leaves gives an interesting contrast against the black burnt trunks of the trees. Well I thought so anyway.

There is the tiniest hint of sun flare occurring in this picture but as it is almost invisible I won’t bother pointing out where it is.

So there you have it. My couple of pictures taken on my work week away. There are many other things I have spotted that I would like to capture on my memory card so I hope that now that I have finally done it that I will actually stop the car and take more.